About the Sudbury-Wayland-Lincoln Domestic Violence Roundtable

Mission Statement

The Roundtable is a community based nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting safe and healthy relationships, raising public awareness about abusive and controlling behaviors whether exhibited through bullying, teen dating violence, domestic violence, or elder abuse, and ending relationship violence in all its forms. We pursue these goals by educating our communities, supporting agencies that provide services to victims of abuse, networking with other concerned community groups, and mobilizing community leaders.

We are working toward…

  1. The day when no person in our communities is in fear of another. This means:
    1. No person in a committed relationship is threatening his or her spouse or partner with psychological or physical abuse.
    2. No parent or caretaker is abusing a child.
    3. No child is bullying other children at home or in school.
    4. No caretaker or spouse is abusing an elderly person.
    5. No person is using violence, or threats of violence, to achieve his or her ends.
    6. No person in a dating relationship is using fear to control the relationship.
    7. No employer is tolerating the sexual or physical harassment of employees.
  2. The day when a victim of abuse, or a person who cares compassionately about an abused person can easily find help from sources that respect privacy.
  3. The day when our communities are fully mobilized to eradicate interpersonal abuse. This means:
    1. Providers of help to victims of abuse are making their services known, are easy to reach, and are appropriately responsive.
    2. Doctors and other professionals serving the citizens of our communities are trained to recognize the symptoms of abuse and to make appropriate referrals.
    3. Our police are trained to recognize situations in which interpersonal abuse is a factor and to deal with such situations sensitively and effectively.
    4. The legal systems in which victims of abuse seek protection and justice are compassionate in the administration of the law.
    5. Our schools are proactive in eradicating bullying and teen dating violence.
    6. Our faith communities are speaking out against interpersonal abuse and are integrating help for abuse victims into their ministries.
    7. Our town governments support the goal of eradicating inter-personal abuse through personal commitments by town officials and by seeking adequate funding for our social service agencies and for community education about interpersonal abuse.
    8. The news media serving our communities voluntarily play an active role in educating the public about the reality of inter-personal abuse as a social issue and are providing information about resources for abuse victims.
  4. The day when we will be able to offer our assistance to neighboring communities that seek model programs that have been proven effective in our own experience.
  5. The day when our communities have zero tolerance for domestic violence.